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Your Partner - in and under water

Sea Services ApS is a versatile diving and marine construction company that specializes in a wide range of tasks both in and underwater.

We have carpenters, commercial divers and engineer, thus, be responsible for most work ourselves.

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415 meter new bridges

Over the winter Sea Services is replacing 415 meter jetties at Kignæs Harbour, Denmark. The old jetties was weary and entrained by shipworm, so it was time for new replacements.

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3,170 Anodes in Copenhagen

So it's time for anodes... 3,170 pieces need to be installed in Copenhagen👌. Not deep, but on the other hand, crystal-clear water, which doesn't happen very often🥳.

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Ærø - the navel of the world

The old harbor in Ærøskøbing is to be renovated. For Vesta Fjord, we are replacing 120m of concrete shelf that supports a wooden pier, and the old pier will subsequently be renovated.

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badebro i søer

Boat bridges in the lakes

Spring is often the time for work in the many lakes of Denmark. We build boat bridges in many of the larger lakes, and this is usually done from a barge. The construction itself...

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Thickness measurements

Even a pirate ship needs to be inspected once in a while... Thickness measurements of the hull (no, it's not made 100% of wood?) and a general condition assessment, including cathodic protection.

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ROV services

As a natural extension of our diving work, Sea Services has acquired a small ROV. The ROV is particularly suitable for inspections where there is very limited space...

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badebro i furesøen

"Boat bridge in Furesøen.

Our new barge has now been on its first assignment - a nice small boat bridge in Furesøen. As always, materials and equipment need to be shipped in...

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